Cesme Marina Environmental Policy

Cesme Marina Environmental Policy

Çeşme Marina is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its activities and contributing to the eco-system within its means. This Policy Statement sets out how we will work towards reaching our environmental goals.

Our Environmental Sustainability Goals:


We will reduce or completely eliminate water and air pollution with Environmental Management Practices and innovative solutions.


We will reduce the amount of garbage we create and increase the amount of recycling.


We will use water and energy more efficiently.


We will support the development of the eco system with innovative projects.


To Achieve Our Environmental Sustainability Goals:


We will create our Environmental Management Plan.


We will transparently share our environmental statistics on our website.


We will comply with all kinds of environmental legislation and we will exceed the standards as much as possible.


We will reduce the amount of water and energy we use with our Environmental Management Practices.


We will continue to develop our projects that support the water quality and eco system such as Trepang, Artificial Reef, and Squid Nest, and we will increase the number of our innovative projects.


We will carry out environmental awareness studies to improve the environmental perception of our staff, stakeholders and guests.


We will turn to renewable and clean energy alternatives.


We will measure our progress annually and review our Environmental Policy and Environmental Management Plan.

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