Cesme Marina Health & Safety Policy

Cesme Marina Health and Safety Policy

Cesme Marina undertakes to provide a safe working environment for the health and safety of all workers, customers, entrepreneurs and other visitors. Cesme Marina will ensure it provides a safe working environment by implementing and managing an effective occupational health and safety management system, integrating this with all the respective activities, products, services and people within the scope of the organization.


The employees, contractors and visitors of Cesme Marina have a responsibility and a duty to work safely and to take reasonable precautions regarding their own safety and actions. In addition to this they have responsibility for the health and safety of all people that might be affected as a result of their actions.


Cesme Marina shall take all applicable and reasonable steps to improve the occupational safety conditions by utilizing workers in the company or outsourced experts. Cesme Marina undertakes the following;


To establish a culture of occupational safety by incentivizing active participation with the aim of improving and supporting the companies actions taken to improve the occupational health and safety of all workers, contractors and visitors


To establish and maintain policies, procedures, systems, information, training, promotion programs and organizational structures to support and convey effective occupational health and safety systems


To comply with all the effective regulations, legislations and standards regarding occupational health and safety


To implement appropriate risk and danger management systems with regard to the risks that are part of the organization, namely by carrying out activity based Risk Assessments


To provide safe equipment and a safe worksite for controlled work


To provide appropriate occupational health and safety training for all workers


To make and review an annual occupational health and safety plan to improve the health and safety at work


To provide sufficient sources to continuously improve the occupational health and safety performance


To have regular health and welfare checks for workers


To actively deal with incidents, to investigate and to reinstate the injured workers to the appropriate jobs at the first opportunity by means of fair management of claims and rehabilitation


Cesme Marina shall implement and maintain an occupational health and safety management system that includes, policies, standards and procedures that it comply with external binding regulations and legislation. These standards shall be regularly monitored to ensure the constant improvement in the safety culture at Cesme Marina.

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