The information text of “The Policy of Personal Data Protection belonging to Cesme Marina” includes our policy in relation to protection of the personal data of the persons concerned primarily our esteemed guests, our employees, our company shareholders, our company authorities, our visitors, the employees, shareholders-authorities of the institutions with which we are in cooperation and third persons while rendering our accommodation services under the roof of Cesme Marina.


Objective of the Policy of Personal Data Protection

The Policy of Protection of the Personal Data belonging to Cesme Marina explains the kind of personal data it has collected with the title of Data Authority, the way such personal data are used, your type of rights on your personal data processed by Cesme Marina and how you can use the said rights in relation to the services rendered and to be rendered by our marina to you.


  1. Your Processed Personal Data and the Objective and Basis of Processing

Your personal data, which you have shared with Cesme Marina with your own will and willingness (such as name, surname, date of birth, mobile phone number, e-mail, sex, nationality, country, address, profession, education, civil status, wedding anniversary, information relating to identity card/passport, vehicle plate, accommodation and expenditure information, card information for payment, transportation/travel information, insurance information, whatsapp and invoice information, video records) are processed in order to give a better service to you.  Besides, within the framework of our legal liabilities stemming from the related legislation primarily the Law on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by means of Such Publications numbered 5651 and the related legislation, the Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce numbered 6563 and related legislation, the Law on Notification of Identity numbered 1774, the Turkish Penal Code numbered 5237 and the Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698; your personal data are processed also with the purpose of ensuring that our given objective and legal liabilities are fulfilled.


  1. Permission to Share the Personal Data and the Keeping Time

If you give the permission that your personal data to whose sharing with Cesme Marina you have given explicit approval, are collected, recorded, processed, kept by Cesme Marina, used by the notary public’s office and relevant public and private institutions, are transmitted/shared to/with the third persons for establishing all kinds of electronic communications and sending other communication messages with the purpose of providing you with various advantages, providing advertisement, sales, marketing, informing, promotion, campaign notice, membership transactions, survey and customer satisfaction researches, preparation of employee’s personnel file etc., which are personally convenient for you, and performance of our legal liabilities, you can obtain information on other third persons to/with whom we have transmitted/shared your personal data by establishing contact with Cesme Marina. The said personal data shall be processed by taking all the necessary information security measures provided that they are not used out of the objectives and scope determined by this Policy of Protection of the Personal Data by being based on your explicit approval or under other conditions stipulated in the legal legislation applying for us in order for us to benefit from Cesme Marina services and they will be kept during the legal keeping time or during the time required by the purpose of processing.


  1. Security of your Personal Data

For this reason, all your personal data, which you have shared with Cesme Marina, shall be kept in the common database of Cesme Marina as a confidential item in accordance with the Law on Protection of the Personal Data numbered 6698 and shall not be shared with 3rd persons if not required.  As the reason requiring processing of your data disappears and/or after the periods stipulated by the relevant Laws pass, they will be deleted buy us, eliminated or may continue to be used by being made anonymous. Cesme Marina takes the necessary measures for the purpose of protection of the information systems including personal data against unauthorized access and illegal data processing and against loss, erroneous use, disclosure, alteration or destruction of the said information. Cesme Marina uses well accepted security technology standards in terms of hash, encryption, transaction record, access method and physical security measures such as firewalls and security encryption in storing the data. Additionally, additional security measures shall be taken such as circulation control of the data included in the scope of the personal data and logging of access as well within the scope of the Law numbered 6698.  Although Cesme Marina takes the necessary information security measures, it will immediately notify you and the Personal Data Protection Board of the event if the personal data are given damage or are obtained by third persons as a result of the attacks to the web site and the system.


  1. Your Rights on Your Personal Data

Your rights, which you have been  given in line with the Law on Protection of the Personal Data numbered 6698 include finding out whether your personal data have been processed or not; asking for information if they have been processed, finding out the purpose of processing and whether they have been used in line with the purpose or not, getting knowledge of the 3rd persons to whom they have been transmitted in the country/at abroad, asking for correction if they have been processed as missing/incorrect, asking for their deletion/elimination within the framework of the conditions stipulated in the law, making an objection to emergence of a result against you because of their being analyzed exclusively using automatic systems, asking for compensation of the damage if you have been given damage because of their illegal processing. In order to use your rights, which you have acquired in accordance with article 11 of the Law on Protection of the Personal Data numbered 6698 as to your personal data, which you have shared with us in accordance with the objectives stated in this Policy of Protection of Personal Data and the methods of acquisition of your personal data and in order to apply changes and/or updates in your personal data, which you have shared, you can always get in touch with us by sending-mail to the address kisiselverilerim@cesmemarina.com.tr.


Cesme Marina may update this Policy of Protection of Personal Data from time to time if the activities so require or if it is requisite legally. The updates shall acquire validity upon being announced on the web site www.cesmemarina.com.tr, you can follow the changes from our web site.

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